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Resultados del nivel A

Carl Howarth, Principal stated: “This is a resilient generation of students. OfQual have stated that exams are returning to their 2019 pre-pandemic standards. However, while the grade boundaries returned to ‘normal’, this cohort didn’t have a 2019 ‘normal’ experience. 

They were in their first year of GCSEs when Covid hit. They learnt to work online at home and had not had the benefit of vital exam hall experience and, with their teachers, didn’t have the certainty of where the grade boundaries would be this year. This is in addition to the loss of many of the usual and vital social aspects of school life at a critical time in a young person’s psychological development. 

Therefore, we are incredibly proud of our students and that despite everything, their character and resilience combined with exceptional teaching and care of our staff, have made for an excellent set of results. With nearly 40% at the A* / A, 73% A*/B, 92% A*/C and a 100% pass rate, our students have done well."

Resultados GCSE

"We are so proud of our students, their character, fortitude and now academic excellence. They have had to contend with so much over the past few years and today has shown the remarkable perseverance they possess and the togetherness they share. 

We have learnt so much from them and with them. There has been much speculation in the media about the reduction this year of the top grades so to put their stellar academic achievements in context, 63% of all grades were at the very top grade 9 - 7 band, with 93% grades 9 - 5 and an overall pass rate of 98%. 

This level of excellence is down to the persistence of our students, the care and excellent teaching of our staff and the love, support and patience of their families.”