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How to Apply Years 7 - 11

The admissions process begins once the College has received a completed online application to the College, together with an administration fee of £80.00 (Please note the administration fee is only applicable for Years 7-11 applications). 

Registration means that your child will be added to our list of applicants, and we will keep in contact with you regarding your application. Registration does not guarantee admission to the College. 

To formally apply to the College, please click on the appropriate link below to complete the online Registration form for your child. Once you have registered through the link, your application journey will become available to you and we look forward to working with you to support your child's application to the College. 

Once registered online, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt when the application details have been entered into the Admissions database. We will then contact your child’s current primary school for a reference. Please note that the reference remains confidential between the Primary school and JCG until the decision by JCG is made.

Criteria for Year 7 Entry

Students will not be invited to take an entrance examination. The decision for admission will be based on the primary school's reference, including recently sat CATs data, and the student’s attitude to learning. 

The admission criteria, is as follows:

  • Students with a CATs Mean score of 100+ will be considered for entry. 
  • Achieved 5S (5 Secure Age Related Expectation) or above in Teacher Assessments in English and Mathematics for the end of Year 5. 
  • Predicted 6S (Age Related Expectation) or above in Teacher Assessments in English and Mathematics for the end of Year 6 A positive school report indicating strong commitment to learning and participation in a broad range of extra-curricular activities. 
  • Any student with less than 100+ Mean CATs score can opt to sit an Entrance Assessment if they wish to continue with their application. 
  • Any student who did not sit the recent Year 6 CATs tests will be asked to sit an Entrance Assessment instead.

The final decision will be based on the CATs score plus information contained within the Primary School reference. Places will be allocated according to rank order, considering all the assessment criteria.

Criteria for Years 8-11 Entry

Admission to JCG is subject to the following: 

  • A positive report from the candidate’s present school. (We request student references from the Head of all current schools for all applicants. The information provided to us will include your child’s current and predicted working levels and attitude to study. This will be strictly confidential in accordance with our data protection policy.) 
  • An interview with our Principal and Head of School. 
  • A satisfactory performance in our English and Maths entrance papers. (If students are in the UK or based abroad, arrangements can be put in place for them to sit the entrance papers at their current school, under exam conditions.) 
  • Full disclosure of any health or medical condition, educational need or any behavioural, emotional or social information that could be relevant to school life. 
  • A minimum of 100+ mean score in Year 6/9 CATs (if CATs testing has been completed).

Application Links and other useful literature can be found below.

Further Information

If you require any further information on admissions for Years 7-11 please contact Mrs Kate Robertson or Tel: +44 (0)1534 516115.

If you require further information on Sixth Form admissions, please contact Mrs Natalie Hopkins,  Head of Sixth Form, or tel +44 (0)1534 516267.

Días de experiencia para Year 5

College Experience Days are available for Year 5 students. These take place annually in May/June. To register your interest, please contact Lauren Devine, Head of Lower School, Tel: +44 (0) 1534 516334.

Organizar una visita

If you are considering a place at Jersey College for Girls for your daughter and would like to arrange a tour, please contact us.