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If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

Languages Faculty Vision

 As a result of the learning experience in this Faculty, we aim for each student to:

  • appreciate the importance of language in order to access other cultures and truly belong to a community
  • become competent communicators who aspire to being able to speak at least one foreign language with confidence
  • develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through the enjoyment of learning foreign languages and deepening knowledge of their own language
  • understand the value of and reap the rewards of effortful, independent learning
  • understand and celebrate the multiple and transferable benefits of language learning
  • develop a positive attitude towards language learning and persevere in the face of challenges
  • become lifelong and passionate language learners with a sense of adventure
  • feel empowered to interact and thrive abroad
  • broaden their horizons and increase their cultural awareness and curiosity
  • develop and articulate their own views on global issues
  • develop into international citizens who are understanding and tolerant of others

All of our students continue their French studies to GCSE level. In Year 8 all students choose a second foreign language, either Spanish or Italian, which they study until the end of Year 9 with the option to continue to GCSE. We are proud that many of our students decide to study both languages up to GCSE and beyond. 

The MFL department has an established and extensive programme of trips and visits on offer as we believe that this is an important part of language learning. 

We often run an Activities trip to France, which gives our Key Stage 3 students the opportunity to put their French learning into practice during a fun-filled week. For GCSE and A Level French students there is the wonderful opportunity to participate in our Rouen home stay study visit. 

For Spanish students we also offer a biennial trip to northern Spain which incorporates language learning and cultural visits. 

For Italian students there is an exciting biennial trip to Lucca, which is a home stay visit with language learning and visits to other areas of Tuscany. 

We run a House Languages event in the Autumn term, during which students prepare to recite a poem in another language. We are always very pleased to support many students who choose to enter the French, Spanish and Italian classes of the Jersey Eisteddfod each year, with many of our students achieving gold and even platinum certificates. These are both wonderful opportunities for students to speak publicly in the target language; preparation for the events is extensive and allows students to focus on pronunciation and confidence when speaking. 

Our extracurricular programme includes sessions for students aspiring to study Modern Languages at university, support clinics, Eisteddfod and House Languages preparation sessions and the opportunity to join classes in Jèrriais. 

At KS3, students currently follow the Tricolore course in French. In Years 10 and 11 students will prepare for the AQA GCSE examinations in all languages. At A level students follow the AQA course for French and Spanish and the Edexcel course for Italian. Please refer to the AQA website on the links below for more information:

French GCSE

Italian GCSE

Spanish GCSE

French A Level

Spanish A Level

Italian A Level