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How will the College manage bullying/social issues?

Our Counter Bullying policy is in place to deal with bullying issues and the procedures apply equally to online behaviour and inappropriate use of social media. Additionally, all students are required to adhere to the Acceptable Use Agreement when using technology at College. 

Is it a requirement that my child have a device?

Yes, it is a requirement.  Having a device will enhance your child’s access to learning resources and enable them to develop the digital skills to support their current and future learning. 

Why does my child need their own device?

Learning extends beyond the classroom: Using their device begins at school, but its effect transcends classroom walls. After school, students can access the same educational software and apps because they own the electronic devices used in the classroom. After all, learning doesn’t have to stop just because the school day has ended. 

Students are more likely to use familiar devices: If you want students to do their work, let them use the tools and devices they know. They can customize their smartphones and tablets by downloading the apps they find most useful. Being comfortable with devices comes from hours of practice – in their own time. This is precious time that most teachers cannot afford to give up in the classroom. 

Why has JCG chosen to recommend iPads?

When we started this journey, the first thing we did was to work out what we needed from a device rather than what device we needed. The 3 main requirements were:  touch screen device, keyboard, and some form of digital stylus. 

With these criteria we started looking for devices. There are a few which meet our criteria, however, the iPad came out top due to price, reliability and ease of use. 

Another advantage of going with iPads is the easy-to-use restriction settings allowing parents to add additional management to the devices. 

What happens if my child forgets their device or it is broken?

The IT Department will have a limited number of devices available to loan out if your child has forgotten their device or is unable to bring it to school, for example if it is being repaired. 

Will it involve a lot of screen time? Will they be using them for all core subject lessons? Will they still be writing on paper?

At JCG we will be taking a blended approach to using devices to enhance learning. By using digital device, we can take advantage of AI programmes enabling students to customise parts of their learning journey and to progress through content at their own pace. We can also use the technology to have live quizzes in class and full class collaboration. These devices can also give students the ability to record their learning for future study, such as video recording a science experiment to watch again later or taking pictures of their artwork. It provides students with one place where they can store everything.  

They are not a replacement for how we currently learn but a tool to enhance the way we learn. 

For more reading on this subject please click here to to view a publication by Cambridge Assesment on Screen time for learners: Making sense of the evidence and applying it in the classroom .

What Artificial Intelligence is being used? Will it gather data about my child? Will it be stored and how will it be used?

The AI platform we are using is called Century Tech. Before using any software the College performs Risk Assessment and Data Information Protection Assessment which allows us to confirm what data is used, collected, stored and where. If you would like more information on this, please contact our Data Protection Officer, [email protected]

What happens if my child's device runs out of battery during a lesson?

The IT Department will have a limited number of portable battery packs available for use during lessons. 

How can I be sure my child will be safe online?

Whilst in College students are encouraged to use the College WiFi which is filtered and monitored. iPads which are WiFi only can only access the internet via our filtered network. 

Outside of College iOS devices come with built in web filtering you can turn on. These restrictions remain in place regardless of their internet connection including 4G. For more information please click here.

Can I stop my child from using specific apps?

With Apple's powerful Parental Controls settings you are able to block any apps you deem inappropriate. You can also limit the amount of time your daughter can spend on any particular app. For more information on setting this up, please click here. 

Devices linked to the College MDM (Mobile Device Management System) may have apps blocked if there becomes a problem within the College. However, as a college we will be taking the approach of teaching students to use devices responsibly and how to be a good Digital Citizen, for more information please click here. 

How can I manage my child’s screen time at home?

At College we will be teaching students to use their devices responsibly and with discernment which as parents you can continue at home. Using Apple's built-in feature called Screen Time you can track your child’s usage and, if needed, limit access to the device completely or just specific apps. For more information click here.

If my child has an iPad will my child still need a phone?

There is no expectation for students to have a phone during the school day. As students have an iPad, phones will not be required in lessons and from a College perspective a phone is unnecessaryIt is entirely up to parents to decide if a student has a mobile phone. If a phone is brought to College we will encourage students store the device in their locker during the school day.

My child already has an iPad, can we purchase a digital crayon and keyboard case form the College?

Yes depending on the model. Please contact Mrs Le Hegarat ([email protected]) for more information. 

Limited IT skills, how will my child be brought up to speed?

In addition to Computer Science lessons, our students will have dynamic (responding to student needs) digital literacy lessons, devoted to developing the skills and knowledge enabling them to use technology to enhance thier learning.

My child already has an iPad can it be added to the school management system? 

Yes and to use her device effectively we would recommend it. Please contact Mrs Le Hegarat ([email protected]) for more information.  

My child already has a device, which is not an iPad, will they able to use this?

This all depends on the device, please contact Mrs Le Hegarat, at [email protected] for advice and information. 

Does my child need an apple-ID?

All students will be provided with an Apple ID linked to their school credentials. Please click here to view a parent guide on school Apple IDs. 

These Apple ID's are called Managed Apple IDs, these include 200GB of iCloud storage.

To maintain a focus on education, these services are disabled for Managed Apple IDs: 

  • App Store purchasing
  • iTunes Store purchasing
  • Book Store purchasing
  • HomeKit connected devices
  • Apple Pay
  • Find My
  • iCloud Mail
  • iCloud Keychain (although, keychain items are saved and restored on Shared iPad devices)
  • iCloud Family Sharing

Because Managed Apple IDs can't make purchases, we will assign content to your Managed Apple ID or assigned devices.

Administrators can enable or disable the following services for Managed Apple IDs:

  • FaceTime
  • iMessage
  • Sharing photos and Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents either within or outside your organization
  • Looking up other Managed Apple IDs within your organization
  • The ability to request a copy of the data associated with your Managed Apple ID

Who is responsible if the device it damaged or lost at school?

Students are responsible for caring for their device. We provide all students with a locker, a secure storage space for personal items. The College does not take responsibility for damage or loss of personal equipment.  If damage to or loss of the device is a concern, we recommend either adding the device to your House contents insurance or taking out the iCare Plan (comprehensive protection plan for Apple devices) 

For more information on iCare, please click here.

What will my child do with thier iPad when not required for a lesson?

When they do not require the device they should store it in thier padlocked locker.  

All students are provided with a locker, for which they will need to purchase a padlock. 

If all the iPads look the same, how will my child know it is theirs?

For iPads on the College's managed device platform, the iPad will show it's device name on the lock screen, in addition to being passcode protected.  If misplaced at College, the device can be located using Find My Device app by the IT department.