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Testimonios de estudiantes

Year 7 students say...

“I can easily and neatly correct my work, without it looking messy”

“helps me organise my work..”

“it is motivating to get instant feedback, and have another go and do better”

“I have less books to remember”

“it has helped me with my spelling…”

“I can look things up when I don't the answer”

Year 13 students say...

“Personally, I use my iPad because it is better for the environment. When I'm doing past papers or worksheets, I can complete them directly in OneNote rather than having to waste lots of paper printing them off.”

“It allows me to be more organised and I'm never in a position where I've left the book or folder that I need at school, it's all with me on my iPad.”


University Students say...

“Having an iPad is such a helpful resource when it comes to annotations of documents, pdfs and PowerPoints.”

“Rather than copying the information from a PowerPoint, with the iPad and apple pencil, it’s so easy, because you can just annotate straight onto the text and keep it all in one place.”

“Like many others, I am someone who benefits from writing information down to learn. Rather than typing on a laptop, having an iPad and a pencil enables me to learn efficiently but also effectively. I am able to write down the notes which helps the information go into my brain, but then can save the notes online so I can access them electronically.”

 “At university, all teaching and sharing of resources are done online. Therefore, having a laptop or iPad is crucial in terms of managing these resources to help with your learning.”

“Without my iPad and the Good Notes App, I would have really struggled to organise my notes. I have a digital book for each of my modules”