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Productos menstruales gratuitos

Tras un reciente anuncio del Gobierno, a partir de septiembre de 2022 todas las escuelas de Jersey dispondrán de productos gratuitos para el periodo menstrual.  

El plan de productos para el periodo menstrual está disponible de forma universal para cualquier estudiante de un colegio o instituto de Jersey que lo necesite, ya sea porque ha olvidado sus productos, porque no puede permitírselos o porque le ha venido el periodo de forma inesperada. 

En una reciente encuesta sobre la pobreza relacionada con el periodo menstrual realizada entre jóvenes de Jersey, la mitad de los encuestados declararon tener dificultades para acceder a productos para el periodo menstrual. Más del 10% de los encuestados declararon haber faltado a la escuela o a la universidad debido a la dificultad para acceder a productos para el periodo cuando los necesitaban. 

Estamos de acuerdo en que la menstruación no debe ser un obstáculo para la educación de nadie. Dar a conocer el plan a todos los estudiantes es vital para garantizar que puedan acceder a los productos menstruales cuando los necesiten y para reducir el estigma que rodea a la menstruación.  

Las investigaciones realizadas en el Reino Unido también demuestran que esto puede ayudar a reducir el uso indebido de los productos.  

The pilot scheme started in the Autumn 2022 term with a limited range of disposable products available. We now aim to have all orders ready within 2 working days of them being submitted. Orders can be collected from our School Office / Reception or delivered to the Student’s Form Room.

Our intention is to continue providing each student who needs/wants them with their own personal supply as and when needed, sufficient to meet their individual needs, characteristics, and preferences, subject to delivery of products from our supplier. We also have a variety of products available on site to cover emergency situations – making period products available to all students as and when they are required. 

Orders can be placed at any time using this online order form. (To avoid any confusion, we ask that orders are only submitted by either the student or a parent/carer.) 

If a student requires any products urgently, they will always be available from the School Office / Reception.

The type of period product used is a matter of personal choice. To respect this as much as possible, there is a limited, but reasonable range of good quality products on offer.  Later phases of the project will look to include sustainable products in the range. 

Your feedback on the choice available is welcomed via the order form.

Since September 2020, teaching both girls and boys about periods and menstrual wellbeing has been compulsory in all state-funded schools, primary and secondary, as part of health education.  The UK still experiences many challenges regarding stigma and taboo relating to periods, which works to create a sense of shame around what is a natural bodily process.  

We are keen to help create and maintain healthy and respectful communication about periods amongst all staff, parents and students. If you have any questions, please contact our Administration Team ([email protected]).