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LEAP Ruanda

At Easter 2023 LEAP became truly international with the launch of the first LEAP programme beyond Jersey. LEAP Rwanda was held at the prestigious Green Hills Academy in Kigali and welcomed students from across Rwanda to benefit from the LEAP training and opportunities. 

This was the largest LEAP programme ever with the highest number of delegates (49) since the Female Leadership Programme launched in 2018 in Jersey. Created by Jersey College Foundation, the LEAP programme targets entrepreneurial skills in female high school students. The programme had the honour to receive the visit of 21 inspirational speakers and trainers, who all gave up their time to share their experience with the students.

Students from seven schools got involved and developed eight projects ranging from promoting African girls in F1 by racing electric cars, students teaching sign language in primary schools, to an app for rubbish collection and re-cycling.

The student-designed projects received a total of 3,600,000 Rwandan Francs (about £2,000) of funding.

Thanks to generous funding from Jersey Overseas Aid, Merck and Standard Chartered Bank, the programme was free to all students.

LEAP Rwanda 2024

Location:  Green Hills Academy

Dates:  17th to 24th February 2024

Participants: Students aged between 14-18 years old (Girls only)

For more information contact:    [email protected]