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Creative Minds Challenge Days

Creative Minds Challenge Days give you an intense and challenging day of fun, with expert instruction to help you develop your passion or decide which yours is.

  • Wizardry Challenge   -   Potions, spells, broomstick racing, practice all the dark arts just like Harry Potter!
  • Animation Challenge   -   Write your cartoon, film your cartoon, share your cartoon!
  • Explosive Challenge   -   Fireworks, explosions, bangs and crashes. All the fun bits of chemistry!
  • Fashion Challenge   -   You have two days to put on a fashion show with only second hand clothes!
  • Scratchathon Challenge   -   A Scratch competition to challenge your programming skills!
  • Chef Challenge   -   Bake-Off style challenge!
  • Robot Challenge   -   First build your Lego robot, then test your Lego robot, then go head-to-head with all the other robots!

All Challenge Day students will receive a Certificate of Participation

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